Sushi Experience

Sushi Experience

The Best Sushi in Western New York

SUSHI is the combination of food and art. Ingredients and forms of sushi presentation vary widely. However, while ingredients usually consist of sushi rice, seafood, vegetable, and sometimes tropical fruits, forms usually consist of sushi, sashimi, classic roll and hand roll.

FUJI GRILL has the best sushi in Western New York for two reasons.

First of all, because we order all our sushi ingredients from three most famous and reliable Japanese Seafood Companies, including JSF, JFC and Nishimoto, we guarantee all our ingredients are very fresh and high quality.

Second of all, because we have the most talented sushi chefs in WNY, they transform top quality ingredients into sushi favorites and arts. They beautifully crafted classic rolls and sashimi combos are so artfully prepared it seems a shame to eat them but devour them you will with utter delight. Have a special request? Our skilled chefs will no doubt be able to satisfy your every desire.

Whether you wish to enjoy the most luscious sashimi, the masterfully created and wonderfully diverse sushi, or one of our many mouth-watering cooked creations, such as Angry Dragon, you only challenge of the Fuji Grill dining experience will be deciding what to choose next.