Hibachi Experience

Hibachi Experience

The Best Hibachi in Western New York

HIBACHI is the combination of food and entertainment. Hibachi is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle table to cook food in front of guests with amazing trick entertainments. Ingredients and entertainment presentation vary widely. However, while ingredients usually consist of beef, shrimp, scallops, salmon, lobster, chicken, and assorted vegetables, entertainments usually consist of an emphasis on the chef performing a show for the guests, such as juggling utensils, catching egg in the hat, tossing an egg in the air, flipping broccoli into guests’ mouths, arranging onion rings into fire-shooting volcanoes, etc.

FUJI GRILL Japanese Steakhouse specializes in Teppanyaki or Hibachi cooking. Guests will delight as a personal chef prepares succulent steak, chicken, and seafood dishes according to the ancient Hibachi style of food preparation.

While the preparation method is traditional, each chef brings their own sense of humor and spontaneity to the table. All entrees are prepared at your table by Hibachi Chefs in a display of flashing knives and exotic aromas. Every meal is a culinary and performance delight that you are sure to enjoy.